3/7 Community Yoga "Try Yoga for Free from 1-3" Enjoy Cuppa Verve on us/ All Welcome

Class Descriptions

Balance Flow

This class offers a balanced mind heart and body vinyasa flow, with an intention to empower students to feel safe, heal, find light within themselves and strength, and manifest their intentions on the mat and off. 

Foundational Yoga

Foundational Yoga is an “All Levels” class introducing fundamentals and foundational yoga poses that will enable each student to create and apply building blocks toward their individual practice as they dive deeper into the yoga experience. This class will emphasize safety, stability and ease, and will help the student understand alignment, breath and gain awareness within each pose. The focus will help students better connect to themselves and to their daily surroundings. After practice it is our hope that each student leaves class with a deeper sense of gratitude, free of judgement and can encompass a life full of joy.

Come Explore and feel the space.

Mid Week Restorative Yoga and Meditation

This gentle restorative yoga class is suitable for all.  Take time out of your busy schedule midweek to come home to yourself. You will be guided through a series of relaxing fully supported yoga poses in which letting go is the key.

To help you find space in your mind, there will be breath work, guided meditation, and poetry. Leave with a sense of calm and strength and the ability to devote your best self to your family,  your health, your career and community.

Slow Flow

Going slowly gives the Practitioner time to evaluate the pose and see how it feels for them.  This is especially important for those with injuries, pre or post surgery or pregnancy.  Props and chairs will be suggested.  Gain strength by incorporating half or full vinyasas between poses or rest!

Vinyasa Yoga All Levels

An all-levels flowing and integrated yoga class that emphasizes alignment and action in the poses and centers on the breath. Intensity is built through a gradual progression of precise actions and postures, movement synchronized with the breath, rather than through rapid movement, allowing your practice to be mindful and safe.

Building strength and flexibility,  nurturing joy, spirit and mindfulness along the way, in this class you will flow, glide or float through varied sequences of postures, move into stillness, until you sail into a blissful final relaxation.

Variations will be offered for individual needs. 

Vinyasa Flow Sweat

A sweet, sweaty, and soulful Vinyasa flow - this class is a dynamic practice for you to breathe deep, unwind, and grow in your strength, balance and coordination. The foundations of this Hatha Vinyasa flow are rooted in proper alignment, linking the breath with each movement, and creating a change in state. This practice is precisely sequenced for you to expand physically, energetically and into a more joyful and sublime state. The invitation is for all levels to practice - and intended for those who are willing to challenge themselves in a safe space, and are looking to leave after having discovered new depths within themselves.

Yoga - Basics and Beyond Basics

Mark's classes (Basics and Beyond Basics) attempt to make yoga accessible and meaningful to each unique student, whether a complete beginner or seriously advanced. 

Come expecting refined guidance on breathing, postural practice, and the contemplative aspects of yoga. 

Yoga Refresh + Breath Work

All levels class. Begin your week refreshed in body, mind and spirit every Sunday with a rejuvenating and grounding practice. The foundations of this class are centered around a dynamic flow that addresses the 5 major muscle imbalances in the majority of the modern day body. This class focuses on ease of flow, safe alignment for all levels, and breath work. The benefits of meditation and yoga are well documented and known - and by adding breath work to the repertoire, the results act synergistically to allow you to release tension, engage with mind-body-spirit with less distraction, and to leave feeling uplifted, invigorated, and ready to start your week with grace and ease.

Candlelight Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a practice targeting connective tissue, ligaments, joints, and fascia. By encouraging relaxation of larger muscles through a series of gentle passive floor postures held 3-5 minutes we gain access to these deeper layers of the body responsible for maintaining mobility and flexibility. The meditative quality of a consistent Yin practice cultivates deep relaxation, ease, and balance to mind, body, spirit. Candles and beautiful music will add luxury to your journey with us during this class.


"The complete process of Corinne’s (Coco’s) classes have balanced my whole body. Her classes are sequenced beautifully. This knowledge allows my body to move with ease from one posture to the next. Coco’s tone is reassuring and lighthearted with her clear verbal directions. I am confident she is one of the most skilled yoga teachers and practitioners out there. "

Dawn Castello 09/28/2019

"I am new to Yoga.  Jeanette is a healer.  I learned so much about each pose and breathing.  Thank you Jeanette for the experience and your expertise."  Sylvia H. 10/12/2019

"Corinne's soft but commanding voice guides you through a challenging vinyasa practice with special emphasis on proper alignment.  I enjoy her dynamism, which does not neglect the attention to form I had only experienced before with the Iyengar style.  The place is a beautiful new studio with plenty of natural light and a homey atmosphere.  A stylish bamboo hardwood floor and gorgeous plants complement the location.  The studio is now offering classes every day and their palette of teachers and classes seems very promising." Guillermo Payet 10/03 2019

Events & Workshops

Exciting events and workshops are getting prepared in our kitchen.  

Some ingredients in our recipes: cocoa, full moon, mindfulness, nutrition, love, music, yoga teacher continuing education chakras, ... 

Stay tuned for the full menu! 

Upcoming: Yoga Nidra, Community Yoga Open House, Teen Yoga, "Shin Rin Yoku"/Forest bathing hikes, dance

The practice

Our Health Mission

Offering a Unique Boutique Yoga Experience with smaller class sizes, instructor suggestions of modifications and transitional movement while applying proper alignment principles.  Exploring specific body areas that may be causing pain, illness or discomfort and suggesting integrative asana practice.

The spacious light filled room offers warmth and beautiful fresh energy located on the happening westside in the Verve/Bantam building.

Experienced, mature and knowledgeable Instructors offer integrative yoga and immersion learning.  All teachers are CPR certified and have earned a 200/500 RYT ( or are in process)  and are registered with the Yoga Alliance.


Supporting you in your Mind, Body and Spirit

YOGA helps promote strong posture, space in the body, deep breathing, balance, self-care, calming the monkey mind and invites better sleep.  It helps one to be more present in ones life and releases stress and anxiety.  Yoga encourages students to be mindful live life with intention and gratitude each and every day.

Our knowledgeable instructors will support you in building a healthier you.  Encouraging a sustainable yoga practice of breath work, asana  suggestions, alignment principles and a foundational insight...You will be guided to listen to your inner teacher to integrate your practice and lifestyle.  EXPLORE THE DIFFERENCE!!! 


When you choose West Cliff Yoga, you join a community of encouraging instructors and a studio that offers you support, compassion and more joy in each day of your life. We work not just with you but with other members of our community to build a network of people working together for a healthier, happier and more compassionate world. We offer more of a "boutique style" with smaller class sizes and  individual instruction to those wanting to deepen their practice and awareness.  Everyone is welcome and encouraged.


The Journey

We demonstrate passion and purpose in helping  others through guidance  while building a community of like minded people in a beautiful sun drenched room full of light at the hip west cliff yoga  studio on the westside.  There is a growing need to have tools in your toolbox for managing stress, anxiety, depression and lack of human contact in our ever changing fast world and environemnt.  WIth AI (artificial intelligence) on the rise and automation taking over, Yoga is a beautiful expression which brings awareness to oneself encouraging human compassion by spreading  love and more joy each day on your path of life.  We look forward to seeing you on your MAT!


About Jeanette Demma MacDonald

Her journey

Jeanette grew up in Woodside CA under the majestic redwoods exploring and wandering in nature as a young girl.  A graduate of CSU,Chico having studied Marketing/Business and German, she set off on a backpacking adventure through Europe, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand to learn and absorb the various cultures and experiences. Having a “love of the sea”, Jeanette spent time in Tahiti, Fiji, Hawaii, the Caribbean and Mediterranean. 

Marrying the love of her life in 1991, she began to settle into a lifestyle of selling wine and living in the Silicon Valley.  Spending time in wine regions of Napa, Sonoma, Santa Barbara, Santa Lucia….gave Jeanette more of an appreciation for the earth and what it can produce. Then a move happened to the Eastern Seaboard of the Chesapeake Bay, which was rich in wildlife and seafood, but not wine. Jeanette began her Real Estate career in Annapolis, serving the greater DC area.  With each day meditation in nature was a given, taking quiet time to reflect, honor, breathe and take a seat in the present moment.  Experiencing a tragic loss of her brother made Jeanette search and delve in deeper asking what was life really all about?!  In 1997 Jeanette moved to the Santa Cruz mountains, pregnant, and searching for space in her body she began practicing PreNatal Yoga twice a week. The feeling of space, balance, awareness and vitality it gave her became addictive, and her love of the practice blossomed from then on.

Raising young children, driving the hill and working Silicon Valley began to impact her energy in a negative way, she needed to destress and the craving to do more and more Yoga was strong.  In 2005, Jeanette made a conscious choice and left Alain Pinel Realtors in the Valley to share a small RE brokerage at the Yacht Harbor. Still practicing 2X+ weekly and meditating with a home practice, she began to hike in nature more, SUP paddle on the ocean more, mountain bike more, do Yoga more…all the things she loved to do…The question that always came up was “How do you measure success?” Jeanette’s continuous answer was “Balance!”

Through the years she studied and practiced throughout Santa Cruz County at the Om Room, Village Yoga, Yoga Santa Cruz, YOGA downtown with Annika Rose, Santa Cruz Yoga, Scotts Valley Yoga with Sabu Chaitanya.  Jeanette did a 30 day intensive with Sabu who has shared the teachings of his masters all over the world. Sabu teaches a traditional Hatha yoga that has come through the Sivananda/Vishnudevananda lineage, focusing intuitively on each student that he meets. Sabu’s vast experience, serenity and dedication provided his students with truly life-transforming methods towards self healing, balance and peace of mind.  Craving more yoga and wanting to go deeper Jeanette completed her 200RYT in depth yoga teacher training with Mark Stephens and completed her 500RYT in 2019. The opportunity presented itself to start West Cliff Yoga, so Jeanette dove in. With her intentions to deepen her breath, knowledge, asana and overall practice, Jeanette now has the opportunity to share the amazing benefits of Yoga with people in an ongoing journey and evolution at West Cliff Yoga.  A place to welcome all ages and all practices in a safe beautiful space.

Jeanette makes a conscious choice each day to live life with intention and mindfulness, compassion and understanding to those she comes in contact with. Her mantra is to live simply, laugh often and love deeply.

Jeanette and her Clan make their home in the Santa Cruz Mountains for the last 22 years, where she loves to hike with her labradors, Angus and Thunder, watch the moon rise with her tabby, garden and gather with good food, family and friends to make life a little richer each day.

“Amare’ il Mare”  “Enjoy the Journey”  “Dolce FarNiente”