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The Teachers

Jeanette Demma MacDonald



RYT 500

Jeanette grew up in Woodside CA under the majestic redwoods exploring and wandering in nature as a young girl. 

Her life journey gave Jeanette a deep appreciation for the earth. With each day, meditation in nature was a given, taking quiet time to reflect, honor, breathe and take a seat in the present moment.  Her love of the practice blossomed from then on.  

Through the years she studied and practiced in various places and with numerous teachers, among them Sabu Chaitanya.  Sabu teaches a traditional Hatha yoga that has comes through the Sivananda/Vishnudevananda lineage, focusing intuitively on each student that he meets. 

 Craving more yoga and wanting to go deeper Jeanette completed her 200RYT in depth yoga teacher training with Mark Stephens and completed her 500RYT in 2019. The opportunity presented itself to start West Cliff Yoga, so Jeanette dove right in. With her intentions to deepen her breath, knowledge, asana and overall practice, Jeanette now has the opportunity to share the amazing benefits of Yoga with people in an ongoing journey and evolution at West Cliff Yoga.  

“Amare’ il Mare”  “Enjoy the Journey”  “Dolce FarNiente”  

Kylie Lange


RYT 200

From the very beginning Kylie has loved movement. This passion to move her body led her to spend her first 15 years as a dancer. When the thing that formerly provided an outlet for creative expression and presence became destructive to her mind and body, she turned away from a career as a commercial dancer to search for a new way of linking her mind, body, and spirit. This search led her to yoga where she fell in love with Vinyasa and the way it links shapes together with breath and fluidity. After moving to Santa Cruz to attend university, Kylie began a consistent practice that led her to pursue a one-on-one mentorship about yoga philosophy in the spring of 2018 and to go on to complete her RYT-200 training at Just Be Yoga in Walnut Creek in the Fall. 

Kylie's classes incorporate the asana, or physical practice, with yogic philosophy, breath, and music. She wishes to share the joy of expression and inner-exploration through movement that she experiences in her own practice with folks of all identities, backgrounds, and experience levels. 

When she isn't studying psychology or teaching yoga, Kylie enjoys leading backpacking and rock climbing trips around California and Colorado and just getting people stoked on being outside!

Ana Graziosi


Ana began yoga at age 15, inspired by her father's yoga practice. Ana comes from a family of yogis. 
"Yoga has always truly regenerated and nourished me, yoga has always brought me back home to the true home within me." ~Ana

She has traveled around the world practicing and teaching yoga. Her curiosity for different cultures and perspectives has supported her in taking flight to work and experience the planet and all its people, so different but so innately the same all holding the same flame of energy within that connects us all. 

Ana completed her 200-hr training with the lineage of Erich Schiffmann focusing on Moving into Stillness, amongst the frenzy in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. She went on to complete her advanced teacher training in Santorinni Greece with Drishti International School (a traveling yoga school) tapping into the ancient mythical energy of the aegean sea. She lived in Sivananda Ashram to study the power of positivity.  

Anne Tharpe


E-RYT 500

A fitness enthusiast back in the '90s Anne initially resisted recommendations to do yoga.  A skiing accident changed her mind, and she began the journey.  Fifteen years ago she began practicing Ananda yoga while working as a personal trainer.  Discovering both the challenges and the rewards of her own practice, she kept going and decided to do her first yoga teacher training with Yoga Works in 2007.  Over the years. she did additional training with Mark Stephens, Cheri Clampett, Leslie Kaminoff and Kofi Busia. She became a dedicated yoga teacher and has taught a variety of classes. 

Her classes focus on deepening awareness of the foundation of the poses, and the resources we have to do them while being attentive to our abilities and our breath.  This allows students to then broaden their awareness to the whole pose, their bodies, and to then use that understanding to deepen the connection between the body, the breath & the mind. She is fascinated with how we can discover resources within ourselves that we are unaware of and how we can learn to apply an amount of effort that allows us to do challenging things with relative ease.  There is so much to learn about ourselves in the practice of yoga!

Andrew Wilkinson


Yoga blew like a soft breeze into Andy's life. At first quietly enough to be ignored for many years for all the reasons everyone ignores yoga.

Once Andy let that first wisp in, it became the gateway to melding

his physical routine into his long interest and studies in meditation, transforming his mental and spiritual being in the


Having been active most of his life, getting on his mat, arriving there and learning to be present has become the furnace in which he has been able to forge a deeper understanding of the relationship between himself and the universe.

Years later of almost daily practice in the YogaWorks world with Vinnie Marino, Brock and Krista Cahill and teacher training with Mark Stephens in vinyasa flow heavily influenced by Ashtanga and Iyengar styles of hatha yoga; Andy is blessed to share what

he has learned of yoga. Yoga where the breath melded with asana and the associated transitions creates tremendous physical and mental challenge, the music and experience guide you and the environment becomes so supportive that even the impossible becomes inevitable...

Come practice for the impossible - possible in your life and learn grace in the transitions!!!

Corinne Leblanc

Yoga came to me as a way to maintain my sanity during an intense period of my life as a law

RYT 200+

Yoga came to me as a way to maintain my sanity during an intense period of my life as a French lawyer in Paris, and as a new mom on earth. 

With many years on the yoga path, my yoga practice today and the one I want to share with you is a path towards nurturing our precious physical body through the asana practice, building strength and flexibility, and nurturing joy, spirit and mindfulness along the way, one asana and one breath at a time.

I am currently in the midst of Mark Stephens’ advanced training towards 500 hour certification.

Friends call me "Coco" ;)

Irene Ericksen


RYT 200+

Born in Colorado Springs to a military family, I've learned to go from 'questioning nothing' to 'questioning everything'. Yoga - asks you to look deeper into all you do, and why you are doing so.
Sporadically practicing since High School, I realized the deep need for my Yoga practice after 9/11. Finding Mark Stephen's class changed my life, and I received my 250 hour Yoga Certification from Mark in 2006. Then attended his training in 2011 towards my 500 hour degree. After teaching Veterans, children, teens, developmentally disabled, hospice, pre-natal and disadvantage individuals, my true love is teaching Slow Flow (vinyasa optional) All levels yoga. If you have injuries or conditions, we will find options and props (including chairs) for you.....everyone is invited to explore their body, mind and breath.

Courtney Harrison

RYT 200A Dancing  throughout childhood, ,yoga was the answer to my adulthood "movement" prayers. Aft

RYT 200

As someone who danced throughout childhood, yoga was the answer to my adulthood "movement" prayers. After trying a few classes here and a video there, I knew that this practice was interesting to me. Then, while living in Virginia, I found my first teacher, and that changed everything. Finding a teacher who could  meet me where I was on my path, in real time, catapulted me headfirst into my yoga journey. I was officially in love! I have been practicing in Santa Cruz since 2013. In 2019, I completed my 200 hour YTT with Mark Stephens. I am passionate as a practitioner about vinyasa flow yoga, particularly the fiery side of the practice.  My intentions as a teacher are to remain a curious student, craft thoughtfully balanced classes, create a safe environment for expansion and growth, and get to know my students so that I might meet them exactly where they are as individuals on their path. 

Julie Moore


RYT 500

Julie Moore began the practice of yoga over 20 years ago she found it to be a stabilizing force throughout the years caring for her young children. After moving to the US from the UK in 2009 Julie decided to formally train as a yoga instructor. She began with 200-hr training with yogafit and more recently completed 300-hr training with Mark Stephens in Santa Cruz. Along the path Julie has taken trainings with other great teaches such as Camella Nair, Matece Skow, Jill Miller, and Leslie Kaminoff.

Julie spent many years teaching gentle yoga for the YMCA as well as running her own yoga classes in the mountains where she lives.

In her class is Julie likes to cultivate a nurturing environment which facilitates deep relaxation and a sense of peace. She believes it is this that is lacking in a go-go society. Helping students find balance is the key leading to a healthier, stronger and happier life.

Leslee Bassin


RYT 500

With over 20 years of study in the various styles of Hatha Yoga and 500 RYT certification, Leslee has explored Yoga as vehicle for deeper understanding and healing. For the past 6 years she has focused her teaching to the more restorative, calming, and meditative aspects of practice. Drawing on guidance and inspiration from teachers past and present she continues to explore Yoga as a path to self-awareness. Her openness and genuine desire to share the benefits of Yoga provide students the opportunity to mature, connect, and expand both on and off the mat.RYT 500

Mark Stephens


E-RYT 500

Described by Yoga Journal as "the teacher's teacher," Santa Cruz native Mark Stephens is the author of five textbooks on yoga and is one of the world’s leading voices on yoga. Practicing since 1991, teaching since 1996 and training teachers since 1999, he founded Yoga Inside Foundation in 1997 to bring yoga into over 300 prisons, shelters, and schools across North America, receiving Yoga Journal's 1st Annual Karma Award in 2000 for this work.

A yoga innovator, Mark blends insights from ancient to modern sources to provide non-dogmatic approaches to the practice. His classes attempt to make yoga accessible and meaningful to each unique student, whether a complete beginner or seriously advanced. Come expecting refined guidance on breathing, postural practice, and the contemplative aspects of yoga.

Mark lives in the Santa Cruz Mountains and teaches globally.